Talent Identification & Strategy

The talent identification and strategy tool allows for the assessment of all individuals within a pre-agreed talent pool across a range of core variables such as performance, potential, core competencies, retention, vacancy risk, position criticality and alignment. A set of consolidated reports provides you with information that identifies your organisational depth across these variables, along with individuals listed by aptitude rating and by potential. This data provides you with the basis for a talent management workshop to review and ratify the findings.

A final consolidation report provides the basis for a draft talent management strategy that is generated from the tool. It identifies the main issues that need to be addressed for the development of successful talent management strategies and alignment of HR processes. It also clarifies the key areas of focus for the talent pool, which may include sourcing, development, succession or retention strategies.

The tool also provides valuable information about where to target your learning and development spend. Skill gaps across your workforce as a whole, and by individual are highlighted. The identification of skill strengths can be used to implement coaching and mentoring programs.

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